BSmart: Education
Hub and Newsletter
Chat & Call support, Zoom Sessions, Crypto Gems Hunting and more.
Cryptocurrency Staking
and LP mining
Find a pool that suit your risk apetite to stake and farm. Get daily drips of crypto on our platform and partners.
Blockchain Technology
With a 5 second block time and a Proof-of-Authority (PoA) consensus mechanism, BSC enables high-speed transactions that only cost network participants a few cents.
Timelock and
Vesting Contract
BSC Finance Reserves are timelocked and vested for block rewards supply for over 35 years and NO MINT ever..
Deflationary Model
BSC token has unique 2% fee transfer for every sell order which is automatically sent to a staking vault and LP are locked with every staking transaction making its tokenomics deflationary.
Secure and Audited
Powered by Binance Smart Chain with Verified Contract on BSCscan and audited by Techrate Firm